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Digital CE helps companies and institutions transform how they do business and succeed in the digital age. Our approach to web design and digital marketing is not one-size-fits-all. We’ll partner with you in building a sustainable digital success road map tailored to your customer’s preferences and aligned with your business goals.

We specialize in delivering world-class WordPress websites for companies, institutions and professionals. We offer state-of-the-art, affordable, and flexible – ala carte – web design and digital marketing plans including feature-rich, pre-configured templates, ideal for fast turnaround times and simplified workflows, or fully custom design solutions.

Pro Template Plan Options

Basic Plan – Pricing starts at $7,999

One professionally designed, feature-rich, WordPress template, fully customized with your company’s logo, colors, assets, and branding. Details listed below.

Standard Plan – Pricing starts at $9,999

All the features of the basic plan, plus a 10-page content and asset integration/migration service. See the details below.

Platinum Plan – Pricing starts at $11,999

All the features of the standard plan, plus in-depth market research, data discovery, social listening, keyword marketing, and a personalized digital marketing strategy & execution plan.

Basic Plan Details

Details of Digital Jibe's Basic Web Template plan including professional web template, branding and site customization services.

Digital CE affordable, responsive, and accessible web templates are packed with all of the modern features you’d expect from a professional grade, agency quality website. Our templates are built on a modular design framework, enabling you – or us – to easily customize your site’s page layouts, widgets, and assets. Our generous library of custom styled, pre-built components ensures that your content is usable, polished, and actionable. Learn more – and see our templates for yourself – by scheduling a free consult to discuss our plans and services.

Basic Plan – Pricing starts at $7,999
  • One feature-rich, beautifully designed, accessible, fast, responsive, and SEO ready WordPress or bootstrap website template;
  • A user-friendly, modular design framework, enabling robust page customization options;
  • A browser-based content editing feature allowing you to update and publish web content directly from Google Chrome or Firefox;
  • Ten unique custom styled, pre-built content and media widgets;
  • A media library of professionally designed graphics banners, icons, CTA buttons, and copyright-free photography treatments;
  • Google Analytics for measuring web traffic and site visitor activity (for hosting plans only);
  • Anti-spam tools (for hosting plans only);
  • SSL certificate (for hosting plans only);
  • A one hour phone or zoom conference consultation/training to step you through managing your WordPress or bootstrap website. Training includes uploading, deploying, securing, backing up, updating, and publishing your website content and assets.

As part of the basic plan, Digital CE will professionally rebrand your design template – including all associated template content, widgets, and page layouts – with your company colors, logo, fonts, and styles. We’ll also integrate up to 10 media assets (photos or video) of your choosing. This service provides an option for you to request reasonable changes to the homepage and/or 2nd level page layouts.

The basic plan includes one round of design reviews and revisions.

Standard Plan Details
Details of Digital CE's Standard WordPress Web Template plan options; including professional web template, branding and site customization services, and 10 page content migration.

As part of our Fall promotion, we’re offering new standard plan customers with a free two month subscription to our AI powered data discovery / social listening tools. Your AI channel can be used to activate text or email notifications about all real-time mentions of your company – or your competitor’s company – on social media. Your subscription also includes a powerful data discovery engine enabling in-depth market research and competitive analysis capabilities. Schedule a free consult to discuss this promotion and our web template packages today.

Standard Plan – Pricing starts at $9,999
  • All the features of the basic plan;
  • Template rebranding with your company colors, logo, font, and styles;
  • A one-hour website strategy consult to identify your site goals, plans, challenges, and objectives;
  • As part of the standard plan package, Digital CE will migrate up to 10 pages of your existing web content and digital assets. This service also provides an option to reconfigure/modify your homepage and/or 2nd level page layouts, including an option to add or remove template widgets and functionality.
  • We’ll also perform an audit of your existing website and our UX team will custom design page layouts that match your content types and strategy goals.

The standard plan includes one round of design reviews and revisions.

Premiere Plan Details
Details of Digital CE's Premiere WordPress Web Template plan option; Services include all the features of the standard plan package along with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution plan.

As part of our premiere plan promotion, we’re offering a 25% discount for our SEO and content marketing subscriptions. As with all of our web template plans, we strongly advise investing in a monthly SEO and/or Content Marketing subscription. It can take up to 4-6 months for your website to begin ranking on all of the keywords and phrases that we identify in your digital strategy roadmap, and companies that publish blogs on a regular basis see 4x more web traffic. Schedule a free consult to discuss this promotion and our web template packages today.

Premiere Plan – Pricing starts at $11,999
  • All the features of the standard web plan;
  • Template rebranding of your company colors, logo, font, and styles;
  • Up to a 10-page migration of your existing web content and digital assets;
  • Digital CE will perform an audit of your existing website;
  • Two 1 hour website strategy consults to identify your site goals, plans, challenges, and objectives;
Digital Strategy Roadmap and Execution Plan

As part of our premier plan, we’ll collaborate with you to define your brand narrative by developing customer personas and personalized journey maps. This package includes in-depth market research and competitive analysis, gleaning actionable insights into your industry, customers, trends, and sentiments. We align these data with your business goals to produce a sustainable digital strategy roadmap that places your customers at the center of your Digital Engagement Platform. Our state-of-the-art, AI powered, social listening and data discovery tools save critical time and money by reducing much of the guesswork involved in connecting your brand with your target customers.

We’ll produce a digital marketing strategy road map that will help you drive business leads and increase sales. Key areas we cover include:

  • Build Your Customer Profiles and Journey Maps – Understanding your target customers is crucial to digital marketing success. We’ll assist in researching and developing customer profiles which highlight your audience’s goals, interests, pain points, and demographic characteristics.
  • Grow awareness & Visibility – Invest in a long-term strategy (6-12 months) – Build assets to promote your business at the lowest cost. Invest in SEO, Social Media, Email, and Content Marketing.
  • Drive Immediate Website Traffic – Invest in a short-term strategy (3-6 months) – Use social media and search engines to place advertisements to drive immediate traffic to your website.
  • Convert Traffic – Invest in a conversion-focused website – Delight incoming traffic with a conversion-focused website. Use WordPress to make an attractive, user-friendly, and responsive website.
  • Increase conversion rate – Invest in Lead Nurturing – Increase touchpoints with people who have interacted with your brand. Invest into remarketing, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • Increase Sales – This process shows how our services can influence sales from start to finish.
Digital Marketing Services

A digital marketing strategy includes an integrative plan of how your business will use social media, search engines, emails, and content to promote your business. Digital CE will be your partner providing practical and effective online-advertising solutions. We equip you with the necessary business intelligence to maximize your online efforts, immediately. Our team is ready to work with you to create a marketing solution that fits your needs, vision, and budget. Our experienced UX designers and marketing professionals are committed to delivering beautiful and functional websites and marketing campaigns that get results. Explore our full range of digital marketing products and services.

Additional Supplemental Professional Services

Your website will play a crucial role in your overall digital strategy, but a website alone is not an effective means of generating new business leads. Success requires a holistic approach of leveraging your entire digital ecosystem to synergistically ignite the transformative power of the best of today’s vast array of web and digital marketing products and services.

Digital CE offers additional professional services including;

  • Content Development Services – Cost TBD – This service may apply to your company website, content marketing campaigns (such as blogs, social media, and email), and/or SEO/SEM strategy. Our content writers and UX designers will work with you to align your web content, keyword marketing, blogs, and/or social campaigns, to your target customer personas and journey maps, to deliver personalized marketing messages across all of your key touchpoints and digital interactions.
  • Secure Basic and Premiere Web Hosting Plans – Digital CE has partnered with premiere web hosting company WP Engine, to provide state-of-the-art, high performance, and ultra-secure web hosting plans and services. Schedule a free consult to discuss hosting plan options.
  • Photography and Video Production Services – Digital CE offers professional photoshoots and video production services. Prices vary depending on your needs and scope.
  • Full Website Migration Services – In addition to the 10 page web migration service built into the standard and premiere plans, Digital CE offers content migration services for all your web content, pages, and assets. Prices vary depending on the number of pages and scope of work required.
  • Training & Support (SLA) – Digital CE offers optional Service Level Agreements that provides monthly and/or annual web and hosting support. Contact us to discuss our support plans and services.
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